Cyber Security

We’re #1 In Providing Cyber Security Services In Mississauga

As technology advances, more and more businesses are using websites to use as platforms to do business this means that it is increasingly becoming important for companies to protect their websites to prevent damage to their businesses and that of their customers.

Here at tdotcoders.com, our team of cybersecurity experts will help ensure that your websites and your customers ’ sensitive information and protected from virtual threats using industry-leading best practices.

Vulnerabilities in cybersecurity can expose companies to risk in damages and lawsuits due to hacking or data leaks. We offer a robust portfolio of cybersecurity services and packages to help keep your website and customer data secure.

Web Security

Our web security services will ensure that security measures are in place to help protect your website from cyberattacks using defense-in-depth strategies. Our security solutions include the full range of services like testing, building security solutions, and threat preventions.

  • Industry Standard Testing Tools
  • Web Application Firewalls
  • Security Scanners
  • Password Cracking Tools


Our Approach to Web Security

We are proficient in implementing industry-standard strategies to help keep your website secure.

Resource Assignment/Allocation: It is an effective defense-in-depth strategy that applies multiple layers of defense. The cyber defense layers include attack avoidance, prevention, detection, survivability, and recovery.

Web Scanning: The web scanning approach is to continuously scan the website to detect any vulnerability before they are exploited by other third-parties. We deploy multiple scanning tools and solutions to ensure that your webpage is protected from multiple threats.

Mobile Application Security

Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS platforms have strict security requirements for their mobile application stores. This means the companies must need to ensure that their mobile application can pass the security requirements before that can be distributed to consumers through Apple’s App Store and Google’s Playstore.

Our team of cybersecurity experts will ensure that your website is fully protected from threats and help minimize your exposure from risks like data breaches, hacking, and web attacks. Get Best Cyber Security Services In Mississauga- Contact TDotCoders


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